Looking back at 2013…

Here I am, continuing the yearly tradition of writing a blog post nearing the end of each year.

As the years go by, I realised I have lesser things to complain about. My wish list for occasions like birthdays, Christmases, and new years become shorter and simpler.

I only had one (or maybe, two) simple wish for such ocassions in 2013 – good health. It’s something really simple, yet often neglected and taken for granted.

I’ve been suffering from chronic sinusitis since childhood, and started seeing an ENT specialist last year. And I’m still battling with the painful symptoms everyday. Well I just wish to live a normal life without constant wheezing and a blocked and runny nose. :(

Anyway back to the topic – I initially wanted to have a “a-picture-month” review just as I did last year.

So, I looked into the images folder of my phone and realised that 2013 was largely about winning contests (well I was kind of on a winning streak I don’t know why too) and making art.

I guess posting pictures of tickets isn’t going to be very interesting. :P I do have a very memorable one though.

DSC_0559(Red carpet walk-in for the gala premier of “My Lucky Star” movie)

Close to my birthday, I got the chance to attend the gala premier of the movie, “My Lucky Star” starring Zhang Ziyi and Wang Lee Hom. It came with a pass and it turned out that one of the very kind contest organisers arranged for a short private meet and greet too.

Thanks Marina Bay Sands! Well I wouldn’t have expected to meet one of the musicians I admire the most face to face one day, seriously… :o

I’ve also figured out that it works better for me to post a few pictures of my artworks, since I didn’t have time to post later into 2013, the time I did most of the work.

Looking forward to another fruitful year ahead. :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! :) A week before Christmas, I had the opportunity to do some Christmas crafts with a bunch of adorable and energetic kids as part of their winter camp.


It has been a while since I last taught, after furthering my studies in August.

Doing this again reminds me of how much I enjoyed the process – doing artworks with kids, entertained by their funny antics and creativity, and exploring new ways of making things.

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